About Us

About Us

I can't tell a short story, or type one for that matter, but i'll try.

I bought my first quilting machine in... 2002? and had a nice business going out of my house. I dreamed of owning a fabric store, so a friend and I started Common Threads Quilting in 2005 here in Wyoming. We both have working husbands that have afforded us our own Statler. We have had years of fun and creativity, with our MANY great friends. I can't count the people, young and old, that we have given the confidence and knowledge to actually make a quilt.

In our 16 years of having a store I think we have both taken home about $700 each, and a lot of great quilts and friendships. We joke of closing up, but it's just a joke. We've raised grandchildren in the shop, eyebrows, issues, and watched our girls become the artists that they are (one of which is pictured above) while they earn a paycheck.

Passing on the passion of Quilting and Friendships!

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